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May we take a small dog in a dog buggy "with thanks

It is best to contact the cooker for a telephone number.

Dear Johan I would like to ask you here where I could find fixed stock somewhere, I have already asked different butchers as well as going to look in department stores but to date I do not find it anywhere thanks grt gommaar

Best Gommaar, possibly available. Glace de viande as it is called is easy to prepare yourself. Reception for this, ..... Google and YouTube. Good luck. Alain Verhoeven Dubai

can I reserve for 2 people on Friday, August 23 at noon?

The restaurant is only open again from 19 August. From then on you can call to make a reservation.

Best I would like to surprise my husband with a dinner with you. Can I find a menu somewhere? Best regards behind it, he can only do mini-portions

He has no menu or a card. It is a kind of week card. They also have no website.

Is the cooker open on Sunday afternoon or Monday afternoon?

Closed on weekends, open Monday afternoon

Best, Would it be possible to reserve eq for six people on 22 May? With best regards Barbara Moors- De Munck

Then you should contact me by phone: I do not think they accept reservations here.

Your question has been sent.

Expect an answer!